Underground training, or secret schooling, alludes to different acts of instructing completed now and again and places where such instructive exercises were considered unlawful. Independent of the fact whether it is a developing country or a developed nation underground education has kept its roots in the world for a very long time and have a history too.

The oldest and the most remembered one comes from American foundation. People have been teaching educational topic which were banned in the name of religion. There are still numerous of activities which clearly deliver that people have been looking forward too multiple types of issues which were treated in the name of education by the people without any hesitation throughout. Terrorism is one of the easiest examples to understand the point throughout. Some people just decided that they need qi new world and eventually ended up treating people like a trash bag and killing them left and right without thinking once. When people subordinately refused to do this then terrorist groups connected it to religion and tried to convince people that this is all about their country and to secure the religion.

We need to condemn such kind of education and need to do concept proofing too. In order to make this world a safe and better place it is important to filter out such people and communities and help them in understanding that the world is supposed to be a better place.


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