What is with Elon Musk and outsiders? The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has been the subject of numerous a conversation on Twitter about “outsiders” previously. From tweeting “Outsiders constructed the pyramids” to noting an inquisitive client on how he figured out how to disturb numerous ventures simultaneously with a straightforward yet amazing clarification, “I’m an outsider”, Elon Musk’s tweets have made him a motivation just as a puzzle for some. On Tuesday, Mr. Musk was grinding away again when he addressed a client who asked him “Are you an outsider” with a single word post “Obv”, which means clearly.

Elon Musk has consistently been a subject of interest for some settled and trying business people. He has an uncanny ability to move markets with his tweets. In the recent months, there were occasions when his tweets have made it look that there was no halting for digital forms of money.


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