India has a diverse and distinct culture that has been developed by different civilizations in thousands of

years .These cultures and traditions varies from region to region.Here is a brief description of different aspects of the country:


India is a place of origin of some of the major religions of the world like Buddhism,Hinduism,jainism,Sikhism,etc .About 78 percent population of the country  is Hindu followed by 14 percent of the Muslim polulation.The religion has historically influenced Indian society  on a political,cultural and economic level.There is a rich religious history which is evident from its divergent customs and traditions.


As diversity being the key feature of the country,the same goes with the food culture also.Indian cuisine constist of a variety of regional and traditional cuisines.I ndian cuisine is filled with a lots of herbs and spices. The speciality of Indian dishes is ,the curries.The staple food of India includes wheat,rice and pulses.From the north to the south each region has its own speciality which makes the Indian cuisine as one of the most famous cuisines around the world.


The oldest language of the world i.e,SANSKRIT originated from India . Sanskrit is the mother of all languages out there.The most commonly used language is Hindi although 59 percent of Indian residents speak other language not Hindi like BENGALI,TAMIL.TELUGU,MARATHI,GUJARATI,URDU,etc. There are 22 languages recognized by the Indian constitution. Hindi and English are the official languages of the country.


Being religiously ,politically ,economically ,culturely diversified ,each religion of Indian society follows distinct cutoms as per there traditions.Festivals like Diwali ,holi ,Navaratri ,Id,etc. are celebrated by people.All these festivals are celebrated in different parts in unique styles.Regional and community fairs are also common festivals in India.These festivals helps to break the monotony of life and unite people of different beliefs and brings happiness and joy.


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