Do you know what a blog is?

Assuming you don’t, you’ve gone to the perfect spot. In 1994, when sites started, a blog was all the more an individual journal that individuals shared on the web. In this online diary, you could discuss your every day life or offer about things that you were doing. Then, at that point, individuals saw a chance to convey data in another manner on the web. Consequently started the lovely universe of publishing content to a blog.

A blog (an abbreviated rendition of “weblog”) is an online diary or enlightening site showing data in invert sequential request, with the most recent posts showing up first, at the top. It is a stage where an essayist or a gathering of scholars share their perspectives on an individual subject.

There are numerous motivations to begin a blog for individual use and just a small bunch of solid ones for business writing for a blog. Publishing content to a blog for business, activities, or whatever else that may bring you cash has an exceptionally direct reason – to rank your site higher in Google SERPs, a.k.a. increment your perceivability.


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