With WordPress Dashboard, you can add a Trending Blogs to anyplace inside your site, in addition to the first page. To make a blog for your webpage with Dashboard, first you really wanted to make a clear page.

1 From the Dashboard, pick Pages→Add New.

The Add New page shows up. This is the page where you can compose another post to your WordPress blog.

2 Type a name for the page in the text box toward the highest point of the page.

For instance, since this will be the primary page for your blog, enter Blog for the name. This naturally sets the page slug to/blog.

3 Leave the text box clear.

The text box is left clear here in light of the fact that. You would prefer not to show any page content on your blog; rather, WordPress will show your blog entries utilizing this page after you relegate it as your blog.

4 Click the Publish button.

The clear Blog page is saved to your data set. And distributed to your WordPress webpage. You have a clear page that sidetracks to Then, you really wanted to dole out the page you just made as your Blog page.

5 Choose Settings→Reading.

The Reading Settings page opens.

6 From the Posts Page drop-down list, pick the page you recently made.

For instance, select the Blog page as a posts page.

7 In the Latest Blogs

Pages Show all things considered area, type the quantity of presents you need in plain view in the Posts message box.

This setting determines the quantity of presents you need in plain view on that page whenever. If you enter 5, the Blog page shows the last five presents you’ve made on your blog. Enter the quantity of presents you might want in plain view dependent on your own inclination.

8 Click the Save Changes button.

The choices you just set are saved. And your blog is currently situated at (where is your real space name). You will then, at that point, have a Blog page with the most recent post appearance.


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